Bullring with 8 stickers

Bullring with 8 stickers

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The bullring J.A. is totally handmade, made in Portugal, made of wood and painted by hand with the traditional colors, for the fact, may present some small differences. Now also with a kit of 8 stickers for decoration.

The quality of the materials gives us the guarantee of longevity of this part.
This is the true Portuguese bullring and is part of our taurine handicraft collection, consisting of; Portuguese bullring, "Tentadero", curros, bull transport truck, horse transport truck, halters transport truck or cattle and pier.

With this model made to scale of our figures, children can have fun with the new Portuguese traditional figures of the bullfight, learning about the Portuguese culture, while playing and live authentic taurine adventures. They can be "forged", knights, cattlemen, form their own cartels, pick up with their favorite group, be a banderillero and even race director.

Also for collectors.


Material: Wood

Dimensions: 68x68x10,5 cm

Weight: 4,5 Kg (aprox.)

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